Eat well, exercise more: New guidelines to reduce risk of dementia

New guidelines to reduce risk of dementia

(CNN) – What if you found out you could reduce your risk of developing dementia? The World Health Organization says there’s much that can be done to delay or slow the onset and progression of the disease.

Some 3 million Americans each year are diagnosed with a form of dementia. It’s a condition that can be managed, but not cured.

But a new report from the WHO is offering some hope in navigating dementia risks.

This week, the WHO released its first-ever set of recommendations to reduce the global risk of the debilitating disease.

The main takeaways in the guidelines are to exercise more and maintain a healthy diet, with an emphasis on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet – simple plant-based cooking, little meat and a heavy use of olive oil.

The WHO also recommends staying away from tobacco, limiting your alcohol consumption and maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

According to the WHO, there are 10 million new cases of dementia diagnosed each year – and that’s expected to triple by 2050.

While there is no cure for dementia, there is hope that having better overall health could help prevent it.

As one expert puts it, what’s good for your heart is probably good for your brain too.

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