JCPS says school bus driver did not intentionally pull away from student

JCPS says school bus driver did not intentionally pull away from student
The video shows the bus driver taunting the student before driving away.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - JCPS is responding to claims made by a parent who said a bus driver has been harassing her child.

Tamra Childers on Thursday had told WAVE 3 News that the bus driver was playing a game of cat and mouse with her child, and taunting him. She even provided video that appeared to show the bus pulling away from her son as he walked toward it.

But the bus driver told JCPS officials that’s simply not what happened. The driver said the student wasn’t at the designated stop in time. And after waiting for approximately 10 seconds, she said she never saw the student walking toward the bus. That’s when she closed her doors and drove off.

Later in the video, Childers caught what she claims was a second incident. This time, the bus driver was taunting the child, Childers said. JCPS officials, however, said that was actually the bus driver preparing to turn around. The video showed the bus driver had used her turn signal, and was waiting for a car to drive by.


Childers said she spoke to the Transportation Department after the initial story aired on WAVE 3 News on Thursday night, and that things were better Friday.

It’s important to note that in the second video, JCPS said the bus driver did pick up that student after the video stopped recording.

JCPS said it’s the district’s policy that if the driver does not see the student at the stop when the doors to the bus are open, the driver is instructed to keep going.

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