Caddo Lake flooding taking a toll on residents

Caddo Lake flooding is taking its toll on residents

UNCERTAIN, Texas (KSLA) - Caddo Lake’s water level isn’t going down quick enough for some people living in the area.

Several homes and businesses still are under water, forcing some people to have to canoe to get back and forth from home.

“I live on Taylor’s Island; and using my canoe is the only way I can get home,” R.L. Spencer said, noting that it takes him 15 minutes to get home that way. “Right now, water is surrounding my home but, thankfully, nothing has gotten inside.”

Spencer has dealt with flooding in the past. Years ago, he said, two feet of water made it’s way inside his home.

He has since repaired the damage but now worries the water level could rise.

Spencer’s friend Kevin Canup also is dealing with flooding in his rental properties.

“Even though my properties are flooded, some people are dealing with a lot worse in damage,” Canup said.

“Uncertain, Texas, is a little higher than other areas; but so many people still have their homes under water.”

Spencer and Canup both said they are worried that more rain is on its way and could cause the water level to come up.

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