Wet, warm weather leading to busy mosquito season

Tips to get the upper hand on mosquitoes before they get a hold of you

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - With all the rainfall in the area already, followed by warm weather, it’s expected to be a very busy mosquito season.

That's the word from Bryan Glascock, the mosquito control supervisor for Caddo Parish for the past 11 years.

He says they've already been spraying in the 829 square miles of the parish in recent weeks.

Glascock said the biggest problems right now include nuisance and flood pool mosquitos.

"It's a small little black mosquito that's very aggressive. It bites in the daytime and it breeds in tires and containers. And it is out in force right now."

That’s why Glascock urges people to begin using mosquito repellent now, especially in the morning and once the sun starts going down in the evening.

"There's just water everywhere right now. And it's causing a pretty nice little bump up in the mosquito population."

Walking around to some standing water, Glascock showed us what to look for.

"There's no larvae in this. But this is kind of what we get around and check in the daytime. And then we send the trucks out and spray at night."

Glascock said they send 7 trucks out every night to spray and cautions that mosquito transmission of the West Nile Virus typically becomes a big concern by late June or early July.

Local residents, like Longtime MLK resident Randy Wallace, know all about dealing with mosquitos.

"During the day they (sic) pretty bad, you know. Because that's why I have these long sleeves on now. During the daytime they're bad, you know. But at night that's when they get worse."

We caught up with Wallace as he worked on one of the cars he’s repairing right now.

Wallace said he always puts old tires at the curb for the city to take away before they can become a home for mosquitos.

"We try to get it cleaned up. But they don't ever come to pick it up when they say they're going to pick it up. So I ain't going to put any more out here."

But according to Glascock, Wallace has the right idea because every little bit helps.

"Get rid of anything that will hold water, clean up the yard, anything just dump it out."

Anyone who spots a large presence of mosquitos is urged to contact mosquito control. That way you'll be put on the spray list.

That number for Caddo Parish is: (318) 226-6624.

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