Future of dairy farm business uncertain in Alto

Future of dairy farm business uncertain in Alto

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - It’s been a month of recovery for Alto residents since tornadoes tore through the area.

Now, the owner of a decades-old dairy farm says the future of his business is uncertain.

“Yea I’m not a dairy farmer anymore,” said Mike Dominy. He was raised on this dairy farm.

For decades its been part of the Dominy family passed down through three generations.

“For sure the structures are gone. The buildings, the barns, shades, houses, everything’s gone,” Dominy said.

The 500-acre property once held homes and barns that contained activity all buzzing around dairy production. Now it holds empty spots on the large field.

Dominy said much of equipment is a total loss.

“There were so many piles, hundreds of trees, big trees. We’ve had track hoes and bulldozers here for weeks piling them up,” Dominy said.

At 52-years-old, Dominy is now considering a new direction.

“We’ll probably put some kind of beef cows out here. It won’t be dairy anymore but still be cattle on the place,” Dominy said.

A month later, Dominy said he feels better now that most of the debris has been picked up.

“It looks a 100 times better. We’ve cleaned up so much debris, metal, and trees, and all the garbage and it just looks so much better and I feel better you know after cleaning it up and just feel better,” Dominy said.

In the past month, Dominy said he has sold off more than 400 dairy cattle.

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