Real BBQ and More owner in search of kidney donor

Local restaurant owner needs new kidney

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - If you think of Barbecue in Shreveport, then you probably know the name Harvey Clay. KSLA News 12 has shared countless stories about the Real BBQ and More restaurant owner over the years; most recently, his push to serve government workers during the government shut down in January.

For almost a decade, Harvey has been serving his community.

“For me, it’s about smiles," he said. "I work for smiles. I love being happy and having happy people.”

But Harvey’s at a point in his life where he needs the community now more than ever.

“I went to the hospital, blood pressure 250 over 156 and I was in trouble and they told me I had ten percent kidney level," he said. “I went, what are you talking about?”

That was five years ago. Harvey made the decision to keep his kidneys and he started to get better, but now his kidneys are functioning at around six to eight percent; lower than his original diagnosis.

“I see people every time I go to dialysis who are living in hell. They’re just there. I don’t want to do that if I have a choice. I asked the master when it’s time take me but I want to live not stay alive.”

A few days ago, Harvey made the decision to make a Facebook post asking someone with Type O blood to donate their kidney to him. The response was something Harvey couldn’t imagine.

“As people decide to donate a kidney, they’re taking a portion of their body to share with me to ensure my life," he said. "It’s Godly.”

And while he’s hopeful about the possibility of finding a donor, Harvey still plans to be at his restaurant working for his community and their smiles.

“This is one where I am looking to be the recipient of some continued blessing but in return I must try to pay everything forward," he said. "I’m required to do that. “

Harvey hopes his situation will also push people to learn more about organ donation and how they can help others in our community.

You can find out more information about the donation process HERE.

If you have Type O blood and are interested in donating a kidney to Harvey, you can fill out this form HERE.

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