University to honor student who died while trying to save drowning friend

University to honor student who died while trying to save drowning friend

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - April 28, 2016, will be a day forever burned into the memory of Shreveport resident Norvetta Harrison.

“I know there’s a God and I know there’s a heaven," said Harrison. “I know that’s where my baby is.”

Norvetta described the chaos the moment she learned of what was unfolding.

“When I got out of my car, everyone was like, “that’s Tre’s momma,” Norvetta said. “I was like, ‘have they gotten them out?” The group at the clay pits replied, “no, they had to call in a dive team to get them.”

She said divers spent close to two hours searching for the men, only to find them side-by-side underwater.

“I didn’t believe it because I sent my baby off to school. I didn’t expect him not to come back,” she said. “No parent sends their child somewhere not thinking they would come back.”

Norvetta said her son loved football, his faith and family. She said everyone was a friend to him and he simply loved people well.

“Tre was a friend to everybody. Tre wanted to help everybody,” said Norvetta. “He gave his life doing what the Bible said.”

Norvontre aspired to graduate with a degree in criminal justice, a dream his mother said he worked tirelessly to achieve.

“I can just imagine him walking across that stage in his cap and gown getting that degree,” said Harrison. “I could see him doing flips and cartwheels because that’s all he ever wanted.”

However, Norvetta’s dreams for her son were suddenly given new life, when she received an unexpected phone call.

“I’ve been on a high ever since then,” she said.

She learned ETBU would be honoring Norvontre with a degree in criminal justice, making him the first person in her family to graduate college, Norvetta said.

“If I could just say anything or do anything I would just hug him and just say, Tre, you made it, you finally made it."

Norvetta also noted ETBU plans to further commemorate her son and McClintock by erecting life-size statues of the two on the football field.

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