Hotel Grim to be renovated into affordable housing

Hotel Grim renovations

TEXARKANA, TEXAS (KSLA) - After standing vacant for years, crews will work to transform downtown’s Hotel Grim into something new.

Hotel Grim was built in 1924 and over the time has become an eyesore in the community. However, a property development group is just months away from starting construction to revitalize the property.

According to Vice President Jon Atlas of the Cohen-Esrey Development Group, the company has been planning the redevelopment of the Hotel Grim for the last two years.

The former hotel will now be home to 93 units of affordable housing.

“It’s going to be spectacular addition to downtown Texarkana,” Atlas said.

The project is budgeted for $25 million.

"(The Project is) financed from a bunch of different sources of money from a bunch of different public and financial entities," Atlas said. "It is a very complicated project."

Crews were at the hotel on Tuesday taking a look at the building.

“We have a bunch of environmental consultants who are surveying the building,” Atlas said. “They are looking at the potential of contaminated materials that will need to be removed as a part of the project.”

Apartment sizes will include studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units.

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