Overall crime rate drops in Shreveport

Overall crime rate drops in Shreveport
Crime is down in the city of Shreveport. Or, to be more precise, the overall crime rate continues to decline in recent years.But some contend the perception of crime is far different. (Source: Bubba Kneipp)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Crime is down in the city of Shreveport. To be more exact, the overall crime rate continues to decline in recent years.

However, some contend the perception of crime is far different, leading many to ask why.

Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond said the numbers speak for themselves.

"We are 11 percent down for the year. We're actually 14 percent below where we were in March of 2018."

That's even better when you consider the crime rate had already dropped by double digits in March of 2018, compared to the previous March.

Chief Raymond unveiled those crime statistics at the City Council Public Safety Committee meeting on Thursday.

Raymond explained there's only one exception to the city's downward trend in crime - homicides.

"About two or three homicides, excuse me, above where we were at this point last year."

According to figures provided by the Shreveport Police Department, overall violent crime so far this year is down 12 percent; not to mention the lowest overall crime rate to start off a year in at least the last five years.

Rob Broussard, past president of the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association, isn’t completely sold on these latest crime figures.

“You can’t just throw stats out there and have a lot of meaning behind it,” says Broussard.

He gave the example that his area has a comparatively high crime rate, but said they’re mostly burglaries, thefts and other non-violent offenses.

“All I know is the perception within the neighborhood is that crime’s not gone down .”

Meanwhile, Chief Raymond credits several factors for the drop in crime.

“Have more officers assigned to patrol, have officers working supplemental patrol duties and spending a lot of time and resources on special operations.”

During Thursday’s meeting, Public Safety Committee Chairman, City Councilman Grayson Boucher, worried aloud about the coming months.

"I'm a little concerned with the summer months coming. I'm assuming that crime does peak a little bit during the summer months. So I hope that we can keep this trend going."

Chief Raymond assures the public that police will be ready for any potential crime surge in Shreveport.

You may have noticed the crime statistics only run through March of this year.

Chief Raymond told us crime statistics for the previous month typically arrive 10 days or so after that month ends.

That means April crime figures could be about a week or so away from releasing.

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