KSLA Salutes: 8th AF & J-GSOC Field Grade Officer of the Year

KSLA Salutes 8th Air Force's and Joint Global Strike's field grade officer of the year

BARKSDALE AFB, LA (KSLA) - You name it and the Joint Nuclear Operations Center (JNOC) at Barksdale Air Force Base has a track on it.

Still, in its infancy stages, the JNOC activated less than a year ago. The close proximity to Air Force Global Strike Headquarters helps provide military leaders with information on assets at a moments notice.

"I volunteered to come down to the JNOC itself to help stand up this organization, which was originally the 608th STOS," explained Major Brian Marlow.

Major Marlow’s willingness to go above and beyond caught the attention of his superiors.

“He’s thinking outside the box, he doesn’t require a lot of guidance if you will,” explained Col Kelvin Townsend, JNOC Commander, “He’s given guidance, but then he’s forward thinking to look for things and saying how do I make the mission better?”

His efforts and willingness to go the extra mile earned him the title of combined 8th Air Force and Joint-Global Strike Field Grade Officer of the Year.

“I don’t want to stake claim for anything that I have done, it’s everything that we have done together and I’ve just been able to put my name on the bottom line,” said a humble Marlow, “I’m very thankful for that and for the people I get to work with.”

Major Marlow is just one of the many, young airmen committed to moving the Air Force forward, ensuring safety here at home and around the world.

“You hear a lot of things about millennials, but guys like Brian Marlow give you hope that we’ll be fine,” expressed Col Townsend.

“I’ll look up and see the B-52 flying overhead and knowing that we’re tracking that, reporting that information, its capabilities, the nuclear mission it has and the role that it plays,” said Marlow, “(and) while I’m at home I also have a family too, knowing that airplane flying overhead is keeping them safe.”

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