ArkLaTex sophomore earns a perfect 36 on ACT college admissions test

ArkLaTex student earns a perfect 36 on ACT college admissions test

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A student at a Shreveport school now is among a small group in the country who can say they got a perfect score on the ACT.

“I’m just a normal kid. I like playing soccer and running. I do spend my time studying. That’s what my parents taught me,” Caddo Magnet High sophomore Sameer Tirumala said.

He might be a normal kid, but he got a not-so-normal score on the college admissions test.

Tirumala scored a perfect 36 in all four categories of the test.

“My parents stayed up late to tell me what I got. Then I woke up and was like ‘Wait, what did I get?’ and then I was really happy.”

It’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Caddo Magnet High officials say less than one-tenth of 1% of students in the country earn a top score on the ACT.

Sameer is the ninth Caddo Magnet High student in the past four academic years to earn a perfect score on the test.

And of the nearly 2 million high school seniors who took the ACT in 2018, only 3,700 earned a perfect score of 36.

Sameer is pretty humble about being a part of such an elite club.

“It’s kinda hard to think about it. The test we took this April was really hard, and I wasn’t really expecting to do this well on it.”

He credits his success to lots of online practice tests and help from teachers beforehand.

And when it came time to take the test, Sameer said, “I kinda adopted this strategy that whatever work you could have done for a test, you’ve already done. There’s no use stressing. Just do your best."

With college still two years away, he said he’ll now focus on taking the SAT and his AP coursework at Caddo Magnet.

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