Large contribution to Perkins’ campaign draws Ethics Board’s attention

Inquiry into possible campaign finance violation leads Shreveport mayor to give back chunk of campaign cash
Adrian Perkins elected Mayor of Shreveport
Adrian Perkins elected Mayor of Shreveport
Updated: Apr. 30, 2019 at 5:36 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Nearly five months after being elected mayor of Shreveport, Adrian Perkins is still dealing with matters related to the financing of his campaign.

Last week, the Louisiana Board of Ethics notified Perkins that a contribution made to his campaign exceeded state campaign finance limits, according to the mayor’s Communications Manager Benjamin Riggs.

Louisiana sets specific limits on how much money an individual can donate to a candidate running for state office. When it comes to campaigns for mayor, a “district office” under state campaign finance law, those contributions are capped at $2,500

But according to a special campaign finance report filed in February, Perkins campaign received an individual $4,500 donation shortly before the election. KSLA independently discovered the contribution in question after reviewing that report and sought comment from the Board of Ethics.

While officials with the state refused to comment, Perkins’ office sent KSLA a statement saying at the time of the donation, “candidate Perkins was focused on the election, and the days that followed on the transition period."

The statement goes on to read “Such inquiries are common following a campaign, and the Mayor has not been asked to provide any documents or answer any questions.”

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