SC teacher’s letter home with students doesn’t sit well with some parents

Updated: Apr. 26, 2019 at 5:05 PM CDT
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DILLON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A letter sent home with some Dillon Middle School students this week has drawn the ire of their parents.

The letter begins with “Progressive reports are coming out soon. No, you cannot do extra credit to bring up your grade.”

It goes on to state that if a student’s grade is too low, “it’s most likely because you have chosen to do little to no work this grading period.”

“Do us both a favor … Remember how disappointed and upset you feel right now. Take a moment and really let it sink in. Every time you fail to turn in an assignment in the new grading period, think of how you feel right now,” the letter reads in part.

Some parents are upset over this note that was sent home with some Dillon Middle School...
Some parents are upset over this note that was sent home with some Dillon Middle School students. (Source: Stacy Hargrove)

Parents like Stacy Hargrove were angry with the teacher who wrote the letter, claiming there has been issues with this educator since the first day of school.

“She addresses the kids in a demeaning manor (sic) all the time,” Hargrove said via email. “She has no compassion for them. It’s not about bad grades…or kids slacking off…it’s about how she treats the kids. Being a good teacher also entails showing compassion for the kids.”

Another parent said there are a lot of students who hate going to the teacher’s class.

“She thinks she is never wrong,” the parent said in a text exchange.

Another woman said she disagrees with the teacher and thinks students should get second chances.

“I think that children of all ages need our help, our support, our understanding and to be there for them and to, you know, uh just kind of put them out there by themselves and say okay enough’s enough is not supporting them,” Gina Brewer said.

In a response, Dillon District 4 Superintendent Ray Rogers said the letter was not approved by district administrators and distributed without permission.

“With regard to this situation, the District reassures its students and parents that student success and achievement - both inside and outside of the classroom - is our primary concern along with the safety of our children,” the statement read in part.

View the full statement below:

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