KSLA Salutes an airman who helps keep the mission connected

BAFB airman goes above and beyond to help ensure 24-7 communication for our country's bomber force

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, LA(KSLA) - There’s one Barksdale Air Force Base airman who goes above and beyond his daily operations to help ensure communication is up and running 24/7 for our country’s bomber force.

Every bomber in the sky and those who plan the mission rely on Capt. Jordan Whylie and his team.

“We have a saying, 'Without communication, you’re just camping,” he explained.

"As assistant director of operations at the 608th Air Communications Squadron, my responsibility is to help facilitate the communication flow between our different flights and help enable the air operation center to assess track and do command and control of our bomber force. "

Essentially, Whylie and crew keep the mission going by maintaining communication systems and receive and distribute vital information.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure that we have that ability to not only communicate with any bomber anywhere in the world, but to be able to track them, see where they’re going and provide that situational awareness to Gen. Ray,” he continued.

It’s Whylie’s attention to detail and dedication to his role that caught the attention of his superiors.

“He’s always hard charging, going right after it," said Lt. Col. James Austin, commander of the 608th Air Communications Squadron.

“He doesn’t want to back away or shy away from a problem. He sees it and says ‘How can we best tackle it?’”

And that is why Whylie was named the Eighth Air Force’ and Joint Global Strike Operations Center’s company grade officer of the year.

“It’s a tremendous honor to see his hard work recognized,” Austin said.

“Very humbling; we had a lot of really great company grade officers going up and competing for this award,” said Whylie, never losing sight of why he chose a career in the Air Force.

“Supporting and defending the Constitution, that’s really at my baseline of why I do it every single day because that is something that I really truly believe in and believe that I should defend that with everything that I have.”

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