Devastating tornado shakes the Louisiana Tech University community

Louisiana Tech damage

RUSTON, LA (KSLA) - The violent storm early Thursday damaged several Louisiana Tech University buildings.

Later that morning, several students could be seen walking around campus to look at the different areas the storm hit.

“It’s sad to see our campus look like this,” Emery Davis said. “All of the old trees are gone and our baseball stadium is destroyed.”

Also among the hardest-hit areas is the track.

The school had no classes Thursday; and none will be conducted Friday.

Some students said they feared for their lives when they heard the tornado sirens go off as the storm approached.

“We were on the porch when, all of a sudden, heavy winds came right at us,” sophomore Mark Crouch said. “It took three of us to get the door to open. And we ran to the bathroom for cover.”

Crouch, an Alpha Gamma Rho member, and his fraternity brothers moved into a new home just six months ago.

The storm hit the structure, damaging the roof and several rooms and shattering windows.

The fraternity members now are working to see how they will repair all the damage.

Throughout Thursday, students were picking up debris and comforting one another.

LaTech President Leslie Guice said he is proud of all the students and staffers who are cleaning the school.

He also mentioned alumni support and that alumnus and NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone has reached out to him.

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