KSLA obtains police dash cam video of fatal officer-involved shooting

Watch the chase, hear the gunfire that led to Shreveport man’s death

KSLA obtains police dash cam video of fatal officer-involved shooting
Police dash cam video shows 31-year-old Anthony Childs, of Shreveport, take off running when he and Officer Trevion Brooks first encountered each other Feb. 5.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The moments of a fatal officer-involved shooting in Shreveport were captured on police dash cam.

KSLA News 12 made a public records request for the video.

The death of 31-year-old Anthony Childs has been ruled as a suicide.

The events that led to that moment began to unfold when police Officer Trevion Brooks encountered Childs near Hollywood Avenue at Kennedy Drive.

The video shows Brooks patrolling the area in response to a call about a suspicious person.

Then officer sees Childs walking down the street then something off-camera makes Brooks turn around his police unit.

We see Childs then take off and throw a bag containing what’s believed to be a beer can.

Brooks follows as Childs runs into an adjacent field and toward a fence.

At this point, we no longer can see what happens.

But we can Brooks and nine gunshots.

The officer can be heard asking Childs to “put the gun down” and “show me your hands.”

In the audio, Brooks tells responding officers his account of what happened.

“He shot himself, He shot himself. He wouldn’t put the gun down.”

Brooks tells officers that Childs then turned the gun on him.

“Did you shoot him?”, asks one officer.

“Yeah, I did cuz he put the gun toward me,” says Brooks.

According to audio, Childs appears to still be breathing for a short time after the shooting.

Officers handcuff him and secure a gun nearby as more units arrive on the scene.

Detectives spend the rest of the day and the next combing the scene for evidence.

Their report states that evidence was found of eight shots fired from Brooks’ gun and one shot from Childs’ gun.

The Caddo coroner later determined Childs’ death was a suicide, saying forensic evidence shows the fatal shot came from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his chest.

The coroner also states that Childs was struck by three of the bullets fired by Brooks but that those were fired at a distance and were non-lethal.

The Caddo district attorney’s office declined to review the case, stating there was no evidence showing anything different than that account of the shooting.

Autopsy results also showed both marijuana and methamphetamine metabolites in Childs’ blood.

According the police report, the gun retrieved from Childs at the scene reportedly had been stolen out of Bossier Parish.

Police say Brooks is back on active duty.

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