Bowie Co. community comes together after powerful storm

Bowie Co. community comes together after powerful storm

MAUD, TX (KSLA) - A small community near Maud, TX is coming together to help those dealing with storm damage.

Wednesday night’s powerful storm caused major damage to several homes along County Road 1202.

The storm caused a tree to land right on top of Robert Hornbuckle’s house. This caused significant damage to both the interior and exterior of the home.

“I was asleep when the storm hit and all of sudden a tree came crashing down into my kitchen,” Hornbuckle says. “I’m just thankful I wasn’t near the tree.”

Several people in the community have come to help Hornbuckle with storm damage.

His neighbor Issac Bates, says he rushed over to Hornbuckle’s house after the storm.

“I had a tree fall on my home but I looked over at my neighbor’s house and saw red and blue lights,” Bates tells me.

The lights were firetrucks helping to clear debris from the road.

Bates says it’s important to help others during times of catastrophe. He knows Hornbuckle would help him if he was in need.

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