Overnight storm leaves trail of damage in Shreveport

Shreveport storm damage

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Several homes throughout Shreveport are damaged after Wednesday night’s storm. Multiple homes have downed trees and littered limbs on East. Ratcliff Street.

Tree removal crews are working to remove the debris.

“Me and my wife felt the wind and heard loud booms all through the night,” said homeowner Carl Thomas. He has storm damage to his roof and the bedrooms in his house. He considers himself lucky that neither himself or his wife were hurt.

Down the street on Alexander Avenue, a massive tree landed on top of a rental home. The home’s porch and bedrooms were destroyed.

“I just got back home this morning and can’t believe the storm did all this damage,” Ashley Tanner explained. “Thankfully I just rent this home, so I can always find another place to live.”

Tanner also tried to save her cat’s newborn kittens, who were on the porch during the storm.

SWEPCO is currently working to restore power to different neighborhoods in Shreveport.

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