Landers AOW - Lori McFerren - A Coach’s Impact

Landers AOW - Lori McFerren - A Coach's Impact

Stonewall, LA (KSLA) - A coach is like the parent of a team and Coach Lori McFerren has taken that role serious since day one.

“I wasn’t much older than the kids that I’m coaching now," said coach Lori McFerren. “I was only 25 or 26 years old. It’s just crazy to think that I’m coaching kids that are younger than my own children and that it’s gone on this long. I guess it didn’t hit me until we walked out on this field this morning, that when we left yesterday that would be my last home game at North Desoto.”

25 years as coach for the Lady Griffins and she’s done more than enough for this program. Three state Titles and the softball program has been a regular in Sulfhur at the Fast Pitch 56 tournament but it’s bigger than the rings it’s what she has done in the dugout that matters most to the players.

“We’ve had a lot of tradition and when you get it going it’s just a culture that you have to help build and the kids have to buy in, if the kids buy in I don’t care what you do and our kids just bought in,” said Coach McFerren.

“Coach Mc has really proven to us that she cares about us and that really shows on the field and off the field and that’s what really makes us a team,” said senior pitcher Lexi Hutchins.

“She always teaches us to glorify the Lord in everything we do and that’s always helped us in the end,” said Taylor Christian.

Coach McFerren’s father was a legendary football Coach at Homer High School and coach Mac grew up watching her daddy on the football fields.

“My dad is my hero and my mom is my hero too. You know I grew up watching him and following him around as a little girl, I never ever thought I’d be a coach," said coach Lori McFerren.

She started out as an accountant before becoming a teacher and finally coming home to the family business, a month from now it’ll all be over because coach McFerren plans on retiring after this run.

“When you win it’s more of a peace, it’s more of a peace for all of the teams that didn’t win. The teams that laid the foundation for these programs now,” said Coach Lori McFerren.

The 2019 class is no different 15-0 in district play and the Lady Griffins picked up a 8-0 win over Pearl River. Bailey McMillian was lights out on in the Circle and the squad was sound at the plate.

The Close knit family atmosphere is what you see each year in stonewall and that’s where they say the success comes from.

“I just feel like we don’t have to worry, we have a defense we have an offense and it’s just the strongest that I’ve ever been a part of and I’ve played on a lot of teams,” said senior pitcher Lexi Hutchins.

“Our practices are pretty much the just like the game, they are very intense and we just try to stay focused and we we don’t we hold each other accountable,” said senior 3rd baseman Amber Giddens.

“This is what we trained for this whole year is to go and win a state championship, our abilities are given to us by the Lord and we are going to win a state championship and that’s what we are going to do,” said Taylor Christian.

This squad is loaded with senior leadership, 10 seniors that plan on sending coach Mac out with a win. As for Coach Msc it’s bittersweet but she knows that every ending is a chance to begin again..

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