Bugs & Brews Festival draws people to Shreveport’s Greenleaf Park

First Bugs & Brews Festival held in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The first Bugs & Brews Festival closed on a high note following a stormy Saturday.

The festival Sunday captured the spirit and unique culture of Louisiana by celebrating the state’s favorite crustacean — the crawfish.

There was live music by multiple artists, including Byrd High students and the band Fine China.

Aside from serving up mudbugs and brews, artworks by Northwest Louisiana artists was showcased throughout the day.

One of the co-founders of Bugs & Brews says they plan on expanding each year.

“Everybody is happy. We offer a lot things that you don’t see at other events and festivals in town," Eric Bernard said. “And it’s our first one; we’re learning and going to build and grow off of this. And I hope it just grows every year.”

The first Bugs & Brews Festival was hosted by The Market Restaurant, the Provenance Institute and Farmers Seafood Co.

Provenance’s marketing director, Susannah Hodges, said they hope events like this will attract all Northwest Louisiana residents who might have not been to the Provenance community.

“Provenance is actually founded on this philosophy that even if you don’t live here, it’s a place to come and enjoy for everyone in Shreveport. (We) try to have these events and bring a lot people out and have a great family-oriented and safe time.”

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