Tree falls on preacher’s car during Palm Sunday church service

“We heard ‘Boom!’ and we knew this was not good,” pastor Steve Caraway says

Boom! Tree falls on pastor's Lexus

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Members of a Shreveport congregation got a surprise during their church’s Palm Sunday service.

It came in the form of a large tree from a yard across the street from North Highlands United Methodist.

The tree fell through a power line, in front of a cross draped with purple cloth and ... onto the pastor’s car.

“We heard ‘Boom!’ and we knew this was not good,” pastor Steve Caraway said.

Congregants heard several more booms then the electricity went out.

That’s when two members went outside the church in the 800 block of Poleman Road to check out what was going on.

“We saw some sparks when the tree hit the power line,” Dan Hobgood recalled.

“It was interesting, it happening on Palm Sunday. It sure brought our church closer together with everybody making sure they were OK.”

Hobgood thinks the tree fell because high winds and the saturated ground.

A crew from the electricity company turned off power in the area. Then a tree removal service helped Caraway get his car out from under the tree.

“We prayed for those who were hurt and had damaged homes,” Caraway said.

“Even though I had damage to my car, we are still blessed because no one was hurt or lost their home.”

Some in the congregation left when the power went out, but the church finished its service.

And Caraway said they are excited about next week’s Easter service.


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