ETX foundation donates $47K in grants to educators

Updated: Apr. 12, 2019 at 1:47 PM CDT
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HALLSVILLE, TX (KSLA) -An East Texas education foundation is giving out $47,000 worth of grants to deserving educators across the district. The Hallsville Education Foundation delivered 30 grants to 72 teachers, who applied for the funding by stating what they plan to use the funding for.

One of the lucky recipients, Karen McNeely, a transition teacher working with students with special needs, applied for two grants for a combined total of over $1,800.

“What this provides is another step,” said McNeely. “Our guys go out into the community and work in different areas...this puts it on another level.”

McNeely plans to use her funds to purchase a paper shredder and coffee cart, which her students will use to develop and enhance social and occupational skills. “It helps them have confidence,” said McNeely. “It helps them know, ‘I can do this, I don’t just have to be at home, I can be part of the community.’”

Since its inception in 2001, the Hallsville Education Foundation has given out $600,000 worth of grants, which have come from generous donations and event sponsors.

Beth Godsey, the executive director of the Hallsville Education Foundation, said delivering the larger-than-life checks to the teachers is such a rewarding and gratifying feeling. The Purple Pride Patrol, a group of donors and board members, strut through the halls in parade fashion, making noise to deliver the grants.

“When they hear us coming down the halls, they’re just real excited,” said Godsey. “After 17 years, they know what that means when we’re blowing our whistles and horns coming down the hallway.”

The grants range from just over $100 to close to $4,000.

This year, educators will be using the funds for new classroom education resources, iPad learning tools and interactive display boards.

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