Ogden, Arkansas railroad crossing to get safety upgrades

Ogden, AR railroad crossing

OGDEN, AR (KSLA) - It’s been years in the making — work is underway in Little River County and leaders are hoping this will make the drive through Ogden, Arkansas safer.

In January 2016, Rocky Burris's son 37 year-old Bobby Burris and family friend 10 year-old Braden Miller were killed when the car they were riding in was hit by a Kansas City Southern Train.

"When I think about it, I get very emotional and I really don't like to cross that crossing," Burris said.

At the time of Bobby Burris and Braden Miller deaths, the two were traveling to an Ashdown, Arkansas school basketball game.

The Pine Street crossing in Ogden Arkansas has been the site of other fatal crashes.

Work has begun on placing better safety features at the Pine Street crossing, including flashing lights and crossing gates. Ogden residents said they had tried getting the improvements even before the deaths of Burris and Miller but were turned down.

"It took a while," said Roy Robinson. "We didn't think we would get anything done; but, we see now they are trying to do something."

Now residents say they can rest a bit easier.

“I think it would be a good thing for the crossing they put up there will be in the remembrance of Bobby and Braden,” Burris said.

A spokesman with the Arkansas Department of Transportation said federal highway funds were received in June 2017 for the project.

KCS officials say they hope to have this project finished sometime next week.

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