School Emergencies: Knowing the difference between a lockdown and shelter-in-place

When asked, several parents were familiar with a lockdown but not a shelter-in-place.

Shelter in place VS. lockdown

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The last thing a parent wants to hear is that their child’s school is going through an emergency.

Within the past two days, two Caddo Parish Schools had a lockdown and shelter-in-place emergency.

On Thursday, Woodlawn High School was placed on lockdown because of the chaotic search for James Salone. For hours, Caddo Sheriff Deputies investigated a home that was behind the school.

Then today, a standoff in Vivian placed a school on shelter-in place.

According to Caddo Parish School officials, a lockdown means students are restricted from leaving their classrooms. A shelter-in-place emergency means students are allowed to freely move around the campus but they cannot leave.

Several parents were familiar with a lockdown situation but not a shelter-in-place emergency.

“I have never heard of shelter-in-place but a lockdown situation concerns me for the safety of my child,” Parent Holly Warden says.

Schools work with local law enforcement to determine their own policies and guidelines for both of these type of emergencies.

If you would like to learn about your child’s school district policy, officials advise you to contact your district.

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