Counselor, veteran laud Trump’s latest effort to end suicide among veterans

Veteran suicide prevention

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - One of President Trump’s newest executive orders aims to provide resources to prevent suicide among veterans.

The order titled National Initiative to Empower Veterans and End Veterans Suicide and signed Tuesday gives the Veterans Affairs Department one year to:

  • develop a comprehensive national public health road map to lower suicide among veterans,
  • design and propose to Congress grants to local communities, and,
  • develop research toward preventing suicide among veterans.

This is the second executive order the president has issued on the topic of suicide among veterans. An order he issued in May aims to improve mental health resources for veterans transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

Veterans Affairs reports that suicide among veterans makes up 14.3 percent of all suicides.

“Hearing they are going to add more resources to help those in need is important,” Army veteran Morgan Pozeman said. “During my time in service, I knew of people who committed suicide.”

Pozeman is working to become a licensed counselor and help others dealing with depression.

She encourages people to try to talk with those who are showing signs of depression.

Several mental health professionals say they favor of Trump’s latest executive order to address the issue of suicide among veterans.

“Everyone gets overwhelmed; and it’s important to have those resources available to help,” said Allison Borel, a licensed professional counselor.

“One of the ways we help people is to tell them what they are living for right now and encourage them to talk it out.”


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