KSLA Investigates: Confessions of a killer

Convicted killer Johnathan Robinson, 37, admits to police he planned his attack in a recorded statement.

KSLA Investigates: Recorded Confession of Johnathan Robinson

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - On April 12, 2018 just after 11:00 a.m., Johnathan Robinson, 37, opened fire on dozens of Shreveport police officers from a home on Natalie Street.

Rannita “NuNu” Williams, a 27-year-old mother of three, was killed and a police officer was wounded.

Three hours later, at 1:58 p.m., SPD investigators learned Robinson planned the attack during a 37 minute interview. Below is that conversation.

Within the first two minutes, Robinson was told he would be charged with second-degree murder. Moments later he said “I think I need to be charged with first-degree (murder).”

When asked why, Robinson said: “because I planned it, I knew what I was fixing to do.”

In the next few minutes, Robinson told investigators what happened when he stormed into the home on Natalie Street. When asked what happened, Robinson said: “I told her to go 'live’ and apologize to her.” The investigator replied, “apologize to who?” Robinson said, “my girl.”

“Then what happened?" asked the officer. “ The police arrived and I started shooting. I shot her in the leg, I shot her in the leg. Then I shot her again somewhere else."

KSLA would later learn these horrifying moments were recorded on Facebook Live.

Robinson then talked about about seeing the police arrive saying, “When I opened the door, I saw a red truck and police and I just started shooting.”

“What happened after that? After you shot at police, what happened after that?" asked the investigator. “I think I shot her," replied Robinson.

“Where did you shoot her at?"

“I know in the leg and I don’t know where, I never really saw where I shot her, I just know I shot her and I saw blood," Robinson said.

“Did she say anything after that?"

“She didn’t say nothing.”

“Why were you shooting at police?”

“I wanted to die.”

There’s a long pause as Robinson, at times, is emotional throughout the first 14 minutes of the interview.

“Why’d you give up? Why did you come outside?" asked the investigator.

“I had no bullets and Sharika told me to," Robinson said.

Robinson then talked about his past relationship with Williams, but that, at the time of her death, Robinson was dating Sharika Taylor, of Houston, Texas.

“When you walked into the house what did you think was going to happen?” asked the investigator. “I was going to kill her,” said Robinson referring to Williams.

The investigator then asked at what point did Robinson decide or plan that this was how he was going to handle it. “This morning. When I woke up,” Robinson said.

When asked where he got the gun, Robinson said that morning he went to his aunt’s house and got it. He said he bought off the street and hid the gun under his aunt’s house. Robinson also said went to a pawn shop and bought 40 bullets, 20 per box.

“Why did you buy 2 boxes?” asked the investigator. “Because I wanted to have a shootout with the police,” said Robinson.

The investigator again sets the timeline of events asking Robinson what happened when he woke up that morning and where did he go first. Robinson said he went to a Shreveport casino. When asked what he did while he was there, Robinson said “I gambled a little bit trying to clear my mind.”

Robinson said when he left the casino he got the bullets and the gun. He said he then went straight to the house. Over the next few minutes, Robinson talked about why he returned to Shreveport from Houston, Texas the Friday before Williams’ death.

Twenty-five minutes into the interview Robinson seems to have shored up his emotions and continued to detail the days leading up April 12, 2018.

The discussion then turned towards the purchase of the bullets, what kind Robinson asked for, and the gunfire directed at police.

When asked to describe the police, Robinson seemed to struggle to remember some details. At 33 minutes in he stated “I’m in my right mind. It’s just some stuff I can remember." Robinson then said he thought police would eventually come into the house and shoot him.

“Why would they have shot you?" asked the investigator. “Because I would have been shooting at them,” replied Robinson.

The investigator then asked if there was anything Robinson wanted to add to his statement before stopping the recording.

“I think I need to be charged with first-degree,” Robinson said.

“Do you know the difference between second and first?” asked the investigator.

“Yes I do. I knew what I was doing. I premeditated that. I planned that." Robinson said.

“Elaborate on that," asked the investigator.

“I knew what I was doing. I was in my right mind. I knew I was going to kill her.” Robinson said.

“So you think you needed to be charged with first?” asked the investigator.

“Yeah. I knew what I was doing. I ain’t dumb. I ain’t dumb by far." replied Robinson.

“Anything else you want to add?”

“That’s it.” said Robinson.


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