Fighting Back: Self-defense classes in Shreveport-Bossier

Published: Feb. 21, 2019 at 10:22 AM CST
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - As Shreveport police continue to search for a man caught on camera attempting to kidnap a woman as she got into her car, officers are praising the victim’s decision to fight back.

The intense security footage released by police shows the driver being forced into her car by a man, but after a fierce fight she managed to escape from her car, with her keys still in hand.

Someone tried to kidnap then robbed a woman outside a Shreveport convenience store. He got...
Someone tried to kidnap then robbed a woman outside a Shreveport convenience store. He got away. But detectives believe he will attack again.(Source: Shreveport Police Department)

Shreveport Police Detective Melvin Smith says it’s critical that you do not allow your attacker to take you away from the original scene, because your odds of survival drop dramatically.

Smith said fighting back can range from kicking and screaming to biting and finding any item that can help you defend yourself.

Taking a self-defense class may help you learn techniques to protect yourself from an attack.

Here is a list of businesses offering self-defense classes in the Shreveport-Bossier area.

Jay Vera’s Kajukenbo Self Defense

1110 Janther Pl, Shreveport, LA

(318) 221-0999

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Shreveport

1409 E 70th Street #112, Shreveport, LA

(318) 946-8292

Pak’s Karate Louisiana

5302 Barksdale Blvd

Bossier City, LA

(318) 752-2221

Master Irvin’s House of Discipline

5000 Benton Road, Suites 8

Bossier City, LA

(318) 752-9599

Bourgeois’ Martial Arts Academy

2091 Stockwell Road

Bossier City, LA

(318) 465-2869

NWLA Martial Arts

411 Lake St

Shreveport, LA

(318) 617-2829

Karate USA

6105 Youree Dr

Shreveport, LA

(318) 865-2000

Tankhead Fight Club

1120 Texas Ave

Shreveport, LA

(318) 820-9713

Close Quarter Combatives Unlimited

Must make appointment via website

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