Shed Road construction close to completion in Bossier City

City officials estimate 12 work days until completion

Shed Road construction close to completion in Bossier City

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - The two-year Shed Road construction project is nearing completion.

Bossier City Engineer Mark Hudson said expected completion is 12 work days weather permitting. Weather delays could cause six weeks to complete.

Eighty percent of the $11 million project is paid through federal funds and the remaining 20 percent is through Bossier City.

“We are about $300 to $400 thousand over budget,” Hudson said.

Several people who live and work along the road said that the construction hasn’t been easy.

“The construction almost put me out of business,” Dr. Michael Allen said. “Patients told me they couldn’t get to my office because of road closures.”

When told the expected completion date, Allen wasn’t convinced.

“They told me the same thing five months ago,” he said.

Hudson said the weather has caused problems since the beginning of construction — heavy rain forced crews to stop and made it difficult to work. He understands how disruptive this project was on people.

“The end result will be four lanes, much improved and best of all lots of big, new drainage to help drain subdivisions North and South."

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