15 years in prison for man who pleaded guilty to shooting woman, dumping her near Longview hospital

15 years in prison for man who pleaded guilty to shooting woman, dumping her near Longview hospital
Steven Rosewell (Source: Titus County Jail)

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - A Titus County man has pleaded guilty to shooting a woman and driving her around for hours before he dumped her near a hospital parking lot in Longview back in 2016.

Steven Seth Rosewell, of Cookville, appeared in Judge Dean Fowler’s 115th Judicial District Court Tuesday morning. The case went to the jury, and they decided upon a sentence of 15 years in prison and no fine for Rosewell. The defendant was facing a probation sentence sentence or a prison sentence of 2 to 20 years for the charge, and could also have been assessed a fine of up to $10,000.

Back in November of 2016, Titus County sheriff’s deputies were contacted by the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office in regard to a shooting incident. They were attempting to find Rosewell.

At the time, the Titus County Sheriff’s Office told East Texas News that in evening hours of Nov. 2, 2016, or the early morning hours of Nov. 3, 2016, Rosewell shot a female companion and caused life-threatening injuries. He then allegedly drove her around for several hours before letting her out in Longview near a hospital parking lot.

The indictment alleges that Mr. Rosewell shot the victim Rachael Catherine Whetstone on or about November 2, 2016.

It reads:

Mr. Rosewell and Ms. Whetstone were high school friends and had recently reconnected on Facebook. After reconnecting, the two were together in Mr. Rosewell’s vehicle to go visit a friend. While driving around, Mr. Rosewell refused to go to the friend’s home and instead continued driving through Titus, Upshur and Gregg counties. Mr. Rosewell stopped at Midway in Upshur County where Ms. Whetstone tried to get out of the vehicle. While trying to exit the vehicle, Mr. Rosewell shot Ms. Whetstone.

After shooting Ms. Whetstone, Mr. Rosewell continued to drive around with Ms. Whetstone in the vehicle. The two drove around for hours until running out of gas. At some point Mr. Rosewell called friends who drove them to a gas station to buy some gas. Mr. Rosewell and Ms. Whetstone returned to the vehicle and continued to drive around until Mr. Rosewell finally decided to take Ms. Whetstone to Longview Regional Hospital in Longview, Texas where he dropped her off on the sidewalk, unattended, with no help.

Upshur County investigators secured an arrest warrant for Rosewell for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

They then met up with Titus County sheriff’s deputies, who found Rosewell barricaded in his Cookville home.

Rosewell eventually came out of his home and was arrested. He was booked into the Titus County Jail.

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