Uncorked: Wine time in Shreveport for Nat’l Drink Wine Day

Uncorked: Wine time in Shreveport for Nat’l Drink Wine Day

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The ArkLaTex may not be known for wine, but you don’t need to make a trip to Napa Valley for a good pour.

“Shreveport is a little, I guess not as much of a wine town as others but I don’t think it’s by much,” says Wine Country Bistro owner, Jason Brady.

In addition to the beverage being tasty, it as so has many health benefits. Reds, among the most popular at Wine Country Bistro, are full of antioxidants.

Many researchers say that the fermented refreshment has many health benefits. Including improved heart health, bone density and it can even reduce the risk of stroke.

Brady encourages those interested in the drink to simply try it out. “Trying is the best option, I mean its like Baskin Robbins makes so many different flavors. So everyone has something they like and we offer a whole bunch of different flavors.”

There are many options for wine lovers,On Cloud Winery offers local flavors as well. Also in Shreveport, the winery offers intimate tastings to learn about wines produced exclusively in the state of Louisiana.

Wine Country Bistro will be offering their customers half off glasses and bottles of wine to celebrate the holiday.

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