ETX woman arrested in connection to 2015 murder

ETX woman arrested in connection to 2015 murder
Shirley Ann Falkowski, 54

DEKALB, TEXAS (KSLA) - It’s deja-vu for a DeKalb, Texas woman after being arrested in connection to a 2015 murder in the city.

On August 5, 2015 law enforcement was called to investigate the death of James Earl Johnson — this week Shirley Ann Falkowski was arrested and charged with the murder.

Douglas Brantley is the maintenance man with the DeKalb Housing Authority. Brantley was present on that day when authorities were called to investigate Johnson’s death.

“It hasn’t been the same it has been a lot quiter everybody has been a little more apprehensive of things,” Brantley said.

DeKalb Police Chief Jason Tice said Falkowski, 54 was considered a suspect early on in the investigation. He said the suspect told officer’s she had been with Johnson the day before the man was killed.

“She gave a confession to the murder she said she stabbed Mr. Johnson,” Tice said.

The chief said Falkoski was seen on security video driving a truck and attempting to obtain money from Johnson’s account. It was DNA testing of blood inside the truck that led to the arrest.

Investigators say this is not the first time Falkowski is involved in a murder. She spent 12 years in a Missouri prison for that murder.

"The method was the same but i think the body had been moved however on the first murder," Tice said.

Meanwhile Johnson's former neighbors are glad to see the case coming to an end.

“I’m more cautious now by who visits me," said Leroy Gray, a DeKalb resident. "It’s just kind of a eye opener.”

Investigators with the Bowie County District Attorney’s office assisted in this investigation.

Falkoski remains in the Bi-State Justice Center Jail in Texarkana.

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