Residents frustrated by delayed sewer work

Queensborough residents upset at state of street

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Some Queensborough residents are fed up with ongoing sewer work that’s left a huge ditch in their street.

The ditch is located in the 3800 block of Jackson Street in Shreveport. It runs right in front of Antonio Mosley’s home.

“It looks like a river,” he said.

The father is frustrated and worried about his kid’s safety. Residents say they were told the work would be done by February 2nd.

“It’s just ridiculous. Can’t get in and out of your driveway. Kids can’t play," he said.

City Spokesman Ben Riggs says it’s part of the mandated sewer consent decree work being done by contractors.

Work began in December, but contractors realized there was a leaky water main. The water main, plus a lot of rain and bad soil, delayed the work. Riggs says contractors have to replace the water main before they can repave the street. That process is now estimated to take another 4 weeks.

Just up the street, Chris McKinney says the work is also causing problems for him. McKinney says when it rains, the street floods.

Like Mosley, he wants to know what’s taking crews so long to finish this project.

“Every time it rains, I call in and say I can’t come to work because I can’t get down the street," McKinney said.

Riggs says delays like this are not uncommon with projects of this size.

Neighbors are hoping to see progress soon.

“This is not the junkyard. People live here and work every day. People are getting tired of hearing about it, tired of seeing it,” McKinney said.

Residents like Mr. Mosley did get a temporary driveway. We’re told the city engineer personally visited his home this week and determined that wasn’t adequate, so a new driveway will be put in for him Thursday.

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