Five hurt in severe turbulence aboard flight to Seattle

Five hurt in severe turbulence aboard flight to Seattle
Severe turbulence wrecked a plane's cabin, tossing passengers around. Five people were hurt.

SEATTLE (KCPQ/CNN) - Five passengers were injured Wednesday when a Delta Air Lines flight from Orange County, CA, to Seattle hit turbulence and had to make an emergency landing in Reno, NV

Luckily, all of their injuries were minor.

Three of the passengers were taken to a hospital, but the other two didn't require additional medical attention.

A tipped-over beverage cart was only part of the chaos inside the cabin of Delta flight 5763.

“It was quite sudden, and there was a lot of screaming,” said Joe Justice of Seattle, who shot video mid-air just after the snack service started.

“The flight attendant that was doing the service and I think another one went to the ceiling with the cart," Justice said. "Then the plane was bucking side to side, and people were bouncing around like a car crash.”

Justice said most people opted not to go to the hospital, but he was sitting near one of the three people who were taken in for evaluation.

Turbulence felt 'like we were dying,' passenger said

“A lady just two rows behind me was bleeding from her head," he said. "We passed napkins back to her and water.”

Just before boarding the flight, Justice and his family were boarding roller coasters on a family trip to Disneyland with his wife, their toddlers and his mother-in-law.

“We’re all shaken but we are not injured, and that’s a wonderful thing to be able to say,” he said.

Justice flies on Delta jets a few times a week for work and said this turbulence was unlike anything he’s experienced.

“My wife and I were holding the kids’ heads to try to keep them from hitting the harder surfaces,” he said.

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