Convicted cop killer dies in prison, friends and family react

Convicted cop killer dies in prison

TEXARKANA, AR (KSLA) - The death of an Arkansas inmate is stirring up bad memories for law enforcement officers in the Texarkana area and now some are hoping for closure after 40 years of stress.

On February 3, 1977 at Howard’s Discount Center, two Texarkana Arkansas police officers were ambushed while answering a burglary alarm. Lt. Ed Worrell, 28, was one the officers and died from gunshot wounds.

“When we got there they had already been shot,” said Miller County Sheriff Jackie Runion. “At that time we didn’t know where the shots came from we thought they had come from inside the building.”

The man convicted of killing him, John Lohbauer, was 15 years-old at the time. He was sentenced to life in prison — this past week end the convicted killer died in prison.

A spokesman with the Arkansas Department of Corrections says Lohbauer apparently died of natural causes.

Texarkana Arkansas Police Chief Bob Harrison was a patrol officer at the time of Worrell’s death.

He said the past 40 years have weighed on his department and the family of Lt. Worrell.

"Time has not taken care of healing. His wife works here with us," said Chief Harrison. "I'm in hopes with the death of Lohbauer that this might bring some healing and some closure to the family."

“It’s over,” said Lt. Worrell’s widow. “The stress of worrying if Lohbauer would get out of prison on parole.”

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