East Texas steel plant hiring again

East Texas steel plant hiring again
Lone Star Steel

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A steel works that once employed thousands of East Texans before massive layoffs, is now hiring again.

The economy of Lone Star had been dependent on the prosperity of U.S. Lone Star steel for decades. and after years of layoffs, the company is now hiring again.

"Real good thing for the local economy. Everybody who wants a job can go to work. It not only helps them it helps the trucking companies, everybody else," said one Lone Star resident.

Fewer workers over the years meant less money spent in town at restaurants and convenience stores. And the effect was seen. Closed storefronts.

"We have a number of industries surrounding U.S. steel. Testing the pipe, inspecting , coating , trucking. All of those people were impacted by layoffs," said a former city employee.

At one point, at the height of production, there were a couple of thousand workers at the plant, pumping a lot of money into the local economy.

many have ties to the steel company that goes back generations.

"My granddaddy ran the blast furnace at the plant from 47 to 57. The blast furnace is gone, coal furnace is gone, rolling mill. We had 25 trucking companies here at one time. or 50. or 50! Now we got 2," said one resident.

U.S. Steel Lone Star will be holding a job fair at their Lone Star plant for hiring on Wednesday from 9am-to-8pm, and on Thursday from 9am-to-4pm.

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