Mother, family escapes from fire that child apparently started

Mother, family escapes from fire that child apparently started

TEXARKANA, TEXAS (KSLA) - A Texarkana Texas woman is being praised today after successfully leading her children out of a burning house — after officials say one child apparently started the blaze.

Texarkana Texas assistant fire chief Chris Black said when units arrived at a home in the 3700 block of Elizabeth Street, flames were coming out of a bedroom window.

Carribbeaniah Reader was outside with her three small children.

"It look like some kids may have been playing with some matches or lighter and started a mattress on fire in the bedroom," Black said.

(Source: Fred Gamble)
(Source: Fred Gamble)

Reader told investigators she was in another part of the house when one of the children told her a fire had started in the bedroom. She ran into the room where the fire started to find one of the children there, scared and hiding.

Black said the quick action of Reader may have saved the life of she and her three children. He added said no one was injured but the fire did cause extensive damage to the house.

This was the second time in a week they have answered a call where children are believed to have started the blaze.

"That is one thing we preach especially in October around Fire Prevention week to all the schools," Black said. "We tell children to be safe if you see matches or lighters report it to a parent or guardian turn it in to somebody. Don't play with them and if you are in a fire never hide always get out of the house."

Investigators are still trying to determine what instrument was used to start the fire.

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