Sen. Gatti teaches a history lesson for the books

Students said the story behind the flag makes them feel proud to be from the state of Louisiana.

Senator Gatti teaches history

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A Louisiana state senator is traveling throughout his district and teaching an important history lesson to students across Northwest Louisiana.

Sen. Ryan Gatti, R-Dist. 36, has visited 41 schools in Bossier, Bienville, Claiborne and Webster Parishes to tell the empowering and encouraging story behind the Louisiana State Flag. Wednesday he spent time at Greenacres Middle School in Bossier City.

“I think it’s important to remind these young men and women that Louisiana is a great state,” Gatti said. “The story of our flag, you can’t get away from that, it’s a powerful story of self-sacrifice.”

On the flag, a female pelican is depicted in a nest with three of her babies. Gatti spoke with students about the sacrifices of the “Mama Pelican” and how those lessons can be applied to their everyday lives.

“Everyone has someone in their life that’s sacrificed their time, talent, or treasure,” Gatti said.

Students listening to the lesson from Gatti said the story behind the flag makes them feel proud to be from the state of Louisiana.

“I thought it was cool because no one really tells you that sacrifice is an important thing in life,” said one student. “It’s such an iconic state and has so much history behind it.”

Gatti hopes students feel compelled to become “Mama Pelicans” and lead lives of service, generosity and sacrifice — but, he has a task for them first.

“I hope they will grab the hand of someone who has been a Mama Pelican in their life and say, ‘I know I haven’t always shown my appreciation, but I love you and I appreciate what you’ve done for me,’" Gatti said.

While concurrently visiting schools across his district, Gatti has also awarded Louisiana State Flags to “Mama Pelicans” in the community who exemplify the values represented by the bird.

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