More than 17.2 million Americans may miss work on the Monday after the Super Bowl, report says

The Monday after the Super Bowl is known as super sick Monday.

(CNN) - A record number of people are expected to call out sick from work Monday, according to a survey from the Workforce Institute.

The Monday after the Super Bowl is known as super sick Monday.

This year, the survey estimates 17.2 million people may miss work.

Many employer’s might be suspicious of a rise in sick calls following the Super Bowl.

Television’s Dr. Oz says there could be several reasons for the spike.

“I think the bigger problem is that folks get all riled up about it. Then they start breaking their usual rules of behavior. They have a little too much to drink,” said Dr. Oz.

He says avoiding Super Bowl fever is easy with a few simple rules.

“If you make your own food you know what's in there. A lot of these snacks are actually reasonably healthy for you if you pay attention to it,” said Oz. ”Never drink two beverages of alcohol back-to-back, always have a glass of water in-between. That'll knock out the hangover issue.”

The Workforce Institute’s “Super Bowl Fever survey” was conducted online from Jan. 9-11, 2019 among 1,107 employed U.S. adults aged 18 and older, according to a report.

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