ETX primary school to undergo $8 million expansion

Center, TX school expansion

CENTER, TX (KSLA) - An East Texas school will soon be undergoing a massive expansion to make room for first and second grade students. F.L. Moffett Primary School will expand by 57,000-square-feet. The project costs nearly $8 million.

“We are like the building blocks of the school district,” said Inez Hughes, principal of F.L. Moffett. “We need a strong foundation here so our students will succeed in the upper grade levels, as well as in life in general.”

According to Hughes, the purpose of the addition is to teach pre-K through second graders under one roof. Currently, F.L. Moffett has 425 pre-K and kindergartners. But, after the expansion, Hughes said over 800 students will be learning in F.L. Moffett.

“It’s going to help with teachers being able to collaborate more with each other,” said Hughes. “We know all of the benefits that it’s going to bring, we’re ready for it to begin.”

Hughes says students and faculty can look forward to 24 additional classrooms, a full-sized gym, expanded parking and a larger nurse station.

“We know of all the benefits that it’s going to bring, but we also know that it’s going to be a process,” said Hughes.

Amber Phelps is a kindergarten teacher at F.L. Moffett and believes keeping this age group together is vital for fostering student growth and educational development. “We’ve had several kindergarten students who’ve gone to first grade and been like, ‘it’s so hard, it’s so different,’ they they have to learn everything new,” said Phelps. “I think being [here] through second grade will be beneficial for them.”

Funding for the expansion comes from a larger $30 million bond package voted on by the district last May.

School officials expect the additions to be completed in August 2020.

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