Caddo Parish coroner releases 2018 statistics

Caddo Parish coroner releases 2018 statistics
Brown's body was pulled from Cross Lake and taken to SPD's Cross Lake Patrol and collected from there by the Caddo coroner's office.

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - The Caddo Parish Coroner’s office released a report on Friday afternoon taking a look back at 2018′s statistics.

A total of 9,979 cases were investigated in 2018, a decrease from 2017, according to figures complied by the coroner’s administrative staff. Those cases include deaths, sanity investigations, sexual assaults and continued tutorship.

  • The office recorded over 3,000 death investigations in 2018. There were six cases where the cause of death could not be determined. Five cases are waiting for the outcome pending completion of investigations.   
  • There were 330 deaths of people who came to Caddo from another parish and died here (those death investigations were remanded to the parish or county of residence.)
  • Also, there were nearly 700 deaths that were reported to the coroner’s office but after investigation were deemed not to be coroner’s cases.
  • There were 250 autopsies performed for the year. The coroner also conducted two “continued tutorship” investigations, done when a parent or other legal guardian requests legal rights to make financial and medical decisions for persons with a disability. 

Below is a chart with a comparison to 2017′s statistics.

2018 2017
Death investigations 3,141 3,091
Natural deaths 1,912 1,906
Accidents 118 115
Suicides 31 34
Homicides 60 60
Undetermined 6 6
Out of Parish 330 290
Not a coroner’s case 679 666
Autopsies 250 211
Sexual assault investigations 206* 220*
Sanity investigations/Emergency commitments 6,128 6,382
Continued Tutorship 2 1
Pending 5 14
Total Investigations 9,979 10,117

*In Caddo Parish there were 74 sexual assault investigations in 2018 and 103 in 2017.

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