Landers AOW - Reagan Todd - The Art of Making Memories

Landers AOW - Reagan Todd - The Art of Making Memories

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Time has a way of highlighting moments that we’ll never forget, Reagan Todd is a senior leader on the Byrd soccer team.

Reagan’s father Rick Todd misses the days when his daughter would fall asleep in his arms but appreciates the young lady she’s become. “Just recently she made a hat trick which is scoring three consecutive goals in a game,” said Rick Todd.

Reagan enjoys the the endless memories made with the people she loves. She also loves playing the sport she fell in love with so many years ago.

“We would wake up early and go outside after breakfast and we would play kick ball and we would do that until lunch, eat lunch and go back outside,” said Reagan Todd.

The great thing about soccer is that you get to kick it with so many great people every day. Regan met a group of girls at a young age and they stuck together like glue.

Ellis Bryan, Riley Walker, Emily Witt, and Summer Netterville have been together since their peewee days and now they’ve formed an unbreakable bond.

“I’ve been with this group since the 3rd grade playing club soccer,” said Reagan Todd. Reagan’s dad and the other parents saw something special.

“We knew they were going to stand out we knew they were going to accomplish great things on the soccer field and as time went by they just started rising to the top,” said Reagan’s father Rick Todd.

These are the same group of girls that got an opportunity to compete in the State Championship game as freshman a few years back.

Reagan and this group of leaders have one goal in mind and it ends with them winning a state championship trophy together as one.

The special thing about this group of girls is that they understand that time has an interesting way of highlighting moments that we can never get back and those are called memories.

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