Grieving aunt still seeking justice in nephew’s tragic hit-and-run death

Aunt seeks answers in Nephew's death

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - In a small, almost hidden cemetery off Texas Street, on the Northside of Natchitoches, Katie Cross buried her nephew Dion’jhir Moss, a 23-year-old man with special needs. Dion’jhir, whose grave is littered with dead leaves, died in a hit-and-run accident in early October 2018.

“I’m learning to get help with myself, so, I can deal with this here,” said Katie, who viewed her nephew as a son.

Three months after the crash, Kate is still struggling to find peace with the circumstances surrounding Dion’jhir’s death.

“How could this be, you know? This here was a crime that was committed,” Katie said, believing the 17-year-old driver of the car that killed Dion’jir should have been charged.

In a KLSA investigation, airing in November, Katie expressed fear that Natchitoches police were not going to cite or arrest the teenage girl, because her grandfather is a fellow member of law enforcement.

Katie Cross, seen here standing beside her nephew Dion'jhir's grave in Natchitoches.
Katie Cross, seen here standing beside her nephew Dion'jhir's grave in Natchitoches.

Katie says her fear turned to anger, when watching that report, and learning for the first time NPD was no longer investigating the accident that killed her nephew.

“Once you aired your story, that opened my eyes that it had been closed,” said Katie. “Hadn’t heard anything from the police department, so, it really took my breath a moment.”

But now, three months later, Katie is determined to get another agency involved in the case, saying she recently met with officials in the Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office.

“They looked at me as if they had no knowledge of it,” Katie said, claiming officials in the DA’s office told her that they can’t open their own investigation into the fatal crash. “I asked why not? And they said the police department would have to send it over to them."

KSLA Investigates phoned the DA’s office for comment, but our messages have not been returned.

Feeling the wheels of justice in Natchitoches were spinning slowly to a halt, Katie says she decided to contact the Louisiana Attorney General’s office earlier this month, hoping holes in the NPD investigation, pointed out by a former detective and police academy instructor in my original report, would catch the eyes of investigators down in Baton Rouge.

“There will be someone else that I can talk to and hopefully they can search deeper,” said Katie.

While state authorities aren’t officially involved in the case at this point, and the attorney general’s office will not confirm or deny involvement in any investigation, Katie says folks in the AG’s office are speaking with her by phone, providing insight into how to ask law enforcement in Natchitoches Parish to take a closer look at Dion’jhir’s death.

“I feel like I’m slowly making steps,” she said.

Steps toward justice Katie says she’ll keep taking until somebody’s held responsible in Dion’jhir’s death or police in Natchitoches explain to her why the fatal accident wasn’t a crime.

“I will not give up,” said Katie. “I just want to hear something, know something.”

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