Real BBQ & More offers free meal to government workers impacted by shutdown

Real BBQ and More offers free meals to government workers affected by the partial governme shutdown.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - One local business owner is offering a free meal to government workers affected by the partial government shutdown.

Real BBQ & More is giving away a meat plate, two sides and drink to furloughed government workers and those working without pay.

“I’m embarrassed by the way our country is behaving," said owner Harvey Clay. “It hurts me to see these people working and not getting any pay or laid off and not getting any pay.”

“I’ve experienced some of that before in my own life and so I thought it was something I could do in a small way,” said Clay.

Clay made the decision Friday afternoon. Since then, about 50 to 60 government workers have come in for a meal. He says news quickly spread through a social media video and word of mouth.

“We’ve had people come in just glorious they could come and get a meal," he said.

Clay says other customers have also offered to pay for the government worker’s meals.

Some customers say they came by to eat because they support Clay’s decision.

“Someone is doing something good for people who don’t have a choice so it was important for me to come support him," said Shreveport resident Jennifer Robison.

“It’s a real American camaraderie taking place right now to help our displaced workers that should be getting a paycheck for the work they are performing,” said Clay.

He plans to keep offering workers a meal for as long as he can or until the shutdown ends.

Workers need to show their government I.D. to get the meal.

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