Proposed bill to possibly do away with Texas’ STAAR test

“It puts undue stress on the student it puts undue stress on the teacher and it really not measuring what we like to measure.”

Bill to possibly end STAAR testing

EAST TEXAS (KSLA) - For students and teachers in the state of Texas a lot is determined on the results of standardized testing — and some lawmakers want to change this.

Last week Texas State Representative Gary VanDeaver of New Boston expressed concerns about the STAAR Test in Texas schools. House Bill 736 has been introduced to the legislature to do away with this test.

Students must pass this high staked test before graduating from high school.

“It puts undue stress on the student it puts undue stress on the teacher and it really not measuring what we like to measure,” Rep. VanDeaver said.

Chuck Zach is a veteran teacher with the Texarkana Texas Independent School District. Zach said over his 25 years of teaching different standardized high stake test have come and gone.

Zach questions the reasoning behind the STAAR Test.

"I don't know what it really measure from kids does it really measure what they know or does it measure what they were able to consume briefly for a test they have to take and then washes out of their heads," Zach said.

"We need to look at a holistic approach of a child how they have done in a semester span or year span and then have a promotion or graduation based on that," said Superintendent of Texarkana Texas ISD Paul Norton.

Teachers accountability is also measured by the way students performs on the STAAR Test.

"I think every day is accountable for teachers," Zach said. "I don't know that a standardized test given at the end of a selective year is really a measure of accountability for teachers."

House Bill 736 was authored by State Representative Brooks Landgraf of Odessa. Landgraf says a change is need since the present testing system has failed.

"I'm sure there will be revisions to the bill as it goes through the system," Norton said. But the over arching theme of the bill I agree with 100% and I think it is the right way to go in the State of Texas."

Texas legislators are scheduled to remain in session through May of this year.

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