City of Shreveport proposes $18 monthly sanitation fee

Shreveport trash pickup fee proposal

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Mayor Adrian Perkins announced a proposed sanitation fee for the city during an afternoon news conference at Government Plaza.

Mayor Perkins stressed the $18 fee is not a tax but a way to raise wages for sanitation workers and replenish city funds. Shreveport City Council will have to vote on approving the Mayor’s proposal. Mayor Perkins says he feels confident that they will support the fee.

He added that other cities, such as Bossier City and New Orleans, have a monthly fee for sanitation. Those fees are more than the proposed $18.

Several homeowners were in support of the fee, based on the need to keep sanitation workers from quitting.

“They work hard and deserve better pay,” Homeowner Sara Thomas said. “It’s not easy work and without them who else would pick up trash across the city.”

However, some homeowners are against any fee for sanitation pick up.

“I don’t want to pay for something that should come with city property taxes,” a homeowner that lives in the Fairfield neighborhood said. “Plus property taxes seem to keep going up every year, so I don’t know why the city would even think of another tax.”

According to Mayor’s press office, the city is in need of sanitation workers. Some workers are leaving Shreveport and going to work for private sanitation companies in Bossier City.

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