Caddo Lake State Park reopen after renovations

Caddo Lake facilities get face lift

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Caddo Lake State Park reopened at the end of December.

The park was closed for 3 months for renovations. Driving through the park is now a much different experience. While the park was closed, TXDOT repaved and renovated the roads throughout the entire park.

“It’s a lot more level and a smoother driving experience,” said Park Superintendent Brandon Lopes-Baca. “The cosmetics of it look pretty good too."

Park officials also renovated the camp sites. Pull-in pads are wider and longer.

“There used to not be really good access for RV’s to pull in and have a real comfortable fit and camping experience,” said Lopes-Baca.

Visitors also have access to a brand new showering and bathroom facility.

Park officials have also added little touches like natural iron ore rocks to the landscape.

Superintendent Brandon Lopes- Baca says campers were there the very first day it reopened on December 27th.

“People say this is one of the best in the state park system now. I’m really excited to hear people say that.”

Park officials hope the improvements bring more visitors from all across the region to see Caddo Lake State Park.

“Caddo’s that hidden gem that people want to come see.”

For more information about Caddo Lake State Park, click here.

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