Teen driver doing ‘Bird Box Challenge’ causes crash, police say

Teen driver doing ‘Bird Box Challenge’ causes crash, police say
A teen driver could face charges for allegedly causing an accident while driving with her eyes covered as part of the dangerous “Bird Box Challenge.”

LAYTON, UT (KSTU/CNN) – Police say a teenager participating in the latest viral challenge could face reckless driving charges after causing a vehicle crash.

The teen driver was allegedly doing the “Bird Box Challenge,” a phenomenon in which people record themselves doing things blindfolded.

Police said the 17-year-old girl used a beanie as an impromptu blindfold while driving her pickup truck, causing her to drift into oncoming traffic and slam into a car.

Though the accident happened Monday, authorities said they didn’t learn the story behind it until Friday.

Curt Calder, whose car was hit, says it’s a miracle he’s still alive, especially with how fast the teenager was driving.

"I can't imagine somebody purposefully doing something that makes them not see while driving," Calder said.

The “Bird Box Challenge” originates from the popular Netflix movie “Bird Box,” in which the characters blindfold themselves to avoid death.

Less than a week before the accident, Netflix tweeted: “Can’t believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE.”

Though Calder wasn’t hurt, he hopes no one else repeats the same mistake as the teen driver.

“I hope that the driver can get through these consequences, there’s a lesson learned. I hope others learn that lesson before they even have to go through it,” he said.

Police are recommending reckless driving charges against the teenager, but it’s up to the county attorney’s office to determine if charges will be filed.

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