City of Marshall addresses broken emergency siren

City of Marshall addresses broken emergency siren

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - The City of Marshall is actively working to replace a broken emergency siren after one was struck by lightening.

Marshall Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Reggie Cooper said the lightening strike melted parts of the siren, which caused it to not sound during a late December storm.

“Once we did further investigation, we learned everything inside was all melted,” said Cooper. “That’s definitely indicative of a lightning strike.”

Cooper said the sirens are tested on the first Saturday of the month. He also noted a technician inspects each of the sirens monthly.

“Each siren has a one to two mile radius,” said Cooper. “We have more than enough sirens inside the city of Marshall.”

He wants residents to understand the sirens should not be their only way of receiving alerts about impending dangerous weather.

“They’re a layer of protection. In actuality the sirens are meant to alert people who are on the outside,” said Cooper. “Rely on local weather channels, weather radios. The internet is a great source.”

Cooper said he hopes to have the siren replaced in the next month or so.

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