Three years later, family still awaits justice for man killed inside home

Published: Jan. 9, 2019 at 11:28 AM CST
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - J.D. Hill likely never knew what was coming when someone shot through the door of his Vivian home, in January of 2016. The shooters hunted him down and murdered the husband and father in his bedroom. No one else was home at the time.

His family has been trying to get justice for the past three years.

(Amanda Martin, J.D. Hill's Daughter)

In a recent interview with KSLA, his 24 year old daughter Amanda Martin says they need closure. The family just spent another death anniversary together this past weekend (January 5) without any answers. Amanda says, “I don’t understand who would want to do that to him and there was no reason for that.” She says the shooter or shooters shot through a back door gaining access to the home. J.D. Hill was gunned down in his bedroom.

No one has come forward; however according to Amanda, a neighbor says they saw more than one person running from the home and they were wearing hoodies. Caddo Parish investigators are still looking for clues in the case.

The Hill/Martin family still lives in the home they have owned for over 20 years. Amanda says it’s difficult to come to the same home where her father was killed. “Everyday that I come here I’m use to my father going in and out the door. I’m use to seeing him sitting on the bed looking at TV because he was very quiet and never bothered anyone.”

The Hill family believes someone knows something, but they believe people are afraid to come forward because of the small town atmosphere and fear of retaliation.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office says that the person who comes forward with information can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 673-7373. No one will ever know they called and officers will not even know the identity of the person who called. With Crime Stoppers you are identified by only a tip number which is how your tip is logged and if an arrest is made that’s how you can get any reward money by providing your tip number. Instructions will be given to you to claim the reward.

Amanda says her father’s death has affected the entire family. Her mother says it has taken a toll on her health. Amanda keeps a picture of her dad and his grave site in her cell phone.

(Amanda Martin, J.D. Hill's Daughter)

She says what the shooters took away from her family they will never get it back.

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