Owner fighting to keep daycare open

Daycare double inspections

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -The state of Louisiana has revoked the license of a Shreveport daycare center claiming that time and again the business will not fix their problems.

Now the owner must win on appeal or be forced to close after 14 years in business.

Kelley Marsalis showed us the dozens of deficiency violations in the last two years cited by state inspectors against her daycare, the Crossroads Learning Center, located in the 9100 block of Industrial Road in southwest Shreveport.

"All of these, to my knowledge, are corrected except the 6 that we currently have. And the 6 that I currently have, most of those have already been corrected."

But Louisiana’s Department of Education disagreed, revoking the daycare license on December 21, citing violations ranging from lack of child supervision to playground hazards.

Marsalis told us that she’s just grateful her daycare center has been allowed to stay open during her appeal and expected to have a hearing within the next 30 days.

Marsalis contended the 56 deficiency violations cited against her daycare, for all of 2016 and 2017, can be very misleading:

"They are the same thing, multiple times and across multiple statutes. So for instance, like a CPR, for first aid certification. That's one and the same. But they cite you twice. There's multiple examples of that."

Marsalis also claimed that, for whatever reason, she has felt singled out.

“They were coming in every, at one point every 10 days, to inspect and not giving me time to make those corrections. Some of those corrections involved physical labor, like in the play yard, etc.”

But a release from the Department of Education, posted on its website last week, stated that Crossroads has been repeatedly cited for not possessing documentation of general liability or vehicle insurance policies, not addressing playground hazards and not maintaining staff attendance records.

State Superintendent John White added, in part, this his department, “...works closely with providers,” before adding, “When there is no evidence of improvement, we must take corrective action.”

Marsalis told us she's hopeful about the appeal process to keep her daycare center open.

But, she explained that if she were to lose the appeal then there are varying levels of child care centers that she may turn to if necessary.